Joshua Expected: Continued

Life-altering hope is the result of obedience and faith in God. Tim speaks from Joshua 1:1-9 this week as he continues to focus on the expectation of Joshua. What do you expect God to do on your behalf? Small steps of obedience matter. People are watching your life and see faith and steps of obedience. As our world seems to be getting darker, a flicker of light makes a huge impact. We need to expect more out of ourselves because of our hope in Him. Through our faith and obedience, people will begin to see something different in us which creates a life-altering hope. Let's be strong and courageous as a church family!

Additional scripture references: Joshua 3:5-6, Joshua 4:19-24, Joshua 5:1, Matthew 5:43-48, and Romans 12:17-21.

Posted on March 23, 2015 .