In But Not Of, But In Him

We need to encourage one another that this whole thing with God the Father is genuinely about the most intimate relationship that we can have. It's about a heart and soul relationship.  Eternal life is about beginning to know God and having a glimpse of who He is.  

Is God somebody that you admire?
Is He somebody that you personally respect?
Do you enjoy God?
Do you miss Him?
Do you have a longing to spend time with Him and pursue Him?

For some of us these questions are so weird because it seems like theses type of questions are relating to another human being.

How do we learn to be at home with God the Father?

Our view of God has to consume us. We should long to enjoy God like the most amazing relationship that we have on this planet.

Scripture references:  John 17:1-3John 17:25, and John 15:4-10.

Posted on September 2, 2014 .