Child Faith

Tim speaks from John 6:1-15, the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand.  Other Gospel accounts are in: Matthew 14:13-21Mark 6:31-44, and Luke 9:10-17.

Beau assisting Tim with the lesson

Beau assisting Tim with the lesson


Do you really believe that this took place?

Consider these four things about your own life and faith of this child

1. He was willing to help. Faith is beautiful because it says I'm willing to help.

2. He was happy to share. There is a difference between willing to help and happy to share. Typically we are willing to help on our terms but when there is sacrifice we may not be so quick to share.

3. He gave all he had. This is next level faith. He gave it all! What are you holding on tightly to? A lot of us are happy to share to a certain degree but when it comes to being all in...

4. This boy, Jesus used his stuff. Little is much when God is in it. This boy got to witness a miracle, Jesus took something common and ordinary and small and he got to see Jesus multiply it. He got to see Jesus transform thousands of lives. 

Posted on November 19, 2014 .