Profitable for Doctrine – Part A

Before Tim’s message the Anzalones expressed their gratitude. CLICK HERE to listen to that recording.

In 2 Timothy 3:16, Paul says that Scripture is profitable for teaching and doctrine.

The living Word of God is profitable for you! God sent Jesus for you personally!

The Word of God and its teachings are personal. Is the living Word of God profitable for you regarding relationships? The doctrine of the Word of God is personal. It is something that you believe intrinsically and is working inside of you.

Is this thing with Jesus just a bunch of blah. The world doesn’t more perfect church-going people; we need more forgiven and relational people. We don’t need more full time paid pastors; we need more full time followers of Jesus Christ that are going to be a light in a dark world.

The satanic powers will do everything in their power to make you believe that Word of God is not profitable.

Posted on November 11, 2013 .