Profitable for Correction - Part A

Tim returns to 2 Timothy 3 this week. The Word of God is profitable for correction. It adds value in our lives for correction. It partners with obedience.

“Correction” gives the idea of restoration to an upright or a right state, in other words being restored.

Romans 3:12 makes it clear that we haven’t met Gods standard. Everyone is in that state of sin. What is your attitude/perspective on your need to improve and learn from God? How do you deal with being corrected?

There are some who don’t want to get into the Word of God because they refuse to accept any kind of correction. They want to pursue their life based upon their own rules even if they might be destructive.

But yet, God says that the Word of God is supposed to be profitable for our improvement, character development, and transformation.

Let’s be open to God!

Other scripture references James 1.

Posted on December 30, 2013 .