Because of the Resurrection...

Because of the resurrection we have the privilege of faith, we have the opportunity to experience hope, and we get a taste of genuine love

Why did he die on the cross? So that we, by faith like a child, can experience a hope, because he has done something amazing and supernatural on our behalf. Then we can begin to experience a supernatural love.

From the times of the early church through today, people have rejected the resurrection. Nothing has really changed, as Paul says he stands before men because he believes in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Purity, peace, and power result from the Holy Spirit living in us. Purity is a cleansing from within and God is working on us because of the resurrection. A peace within your soul because of the resurrection.  The power, which is not a natural human power, lives inside and doesn't have to exert itself on the outside. It's a power that gives a person the ability to endure. This power only comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

If Christ is not risen, your faith is empty. Either it is or it isn't. If Christ didn't rise, it's misplaced hope. We are here to celebrate what we know by faith happened. 

Open your heart and soul to Jesus of Nazareth today and He will respond!

Scripture references:  Matthew 27:50-54Matthew 28:5-7John 11:19-27, John 13:35, Romans 1:1-4Acts 21:16-21Romans 4:251 Corinthians 15:13-14, Matthew 28:20.

Posted on April 21, 2014 .