Fisherman Faith

Tim teaches from Matthew 14:22-36 / Mark 6:45-56, the story of Jesus walking on water.

A lot of the disciples were fishermen.  They were accustomed to being on the water and knew that walking on water was not something they had seen before.  Peter had a clear view in his mind that Jesus is amazing.  When you have a clear focus on Jesus, it wells up hope in your soul, mind, and perspective.

Just like Peter, we are prone to take our eyes off of Jesus.  Peter, the fisherman had great faith, then he did what we do.  This is awesome… but I’m not supposed to be here.  We all have the same struggle… unbelief.

We are all flesh and blood, so we all struggle with belief/unbelief.  Once we experience faith and Jesus’ touch on our life, it’s like everything else doesn’t matter.  Without faith, it is impossible to please God.

We should be encouraging one another in the steps of faith that we are each taking.  I can’t, but we can.  You have to figure out what it takes for you to daily keep your eyes on Jesus.  What is your expectation of God for you?

Posted on October 25, 2014 .