Youth Faith

The podcast begins with Lindsay Poe sharing her testimony for our youth Sunday.  Tim then speaks from Luke 1:26-41.

Mary was chosen to be the mother of Jesus because of faith. Mary had great faith in God!  Mary's expression of faith was behind the scenes and might have been overlooked to everyone except to God.  Mary may have been between 12-15 years of age when she became pregnant.  Let's consider a young teenage girl with great faith whom God chooses to change the entire scene. 

We try to manage faith. It's not about me, but about Him.  Mary was a teenager who had life-altering faith. Oftentimes our faith is overlooked until that time of exposure when the reality of our faith becomes life-altering. 

God knows our faith in Him and if we will proclaim and draw close to Him, He responds to our faith and our need just as we need it.  If we will just pay attention, the God of the universe will respond to our request of faith. 

Mary was a young teenager; can you not understand her head spinning like a top?  Teenagers, fight for faith. Your faith matters, trust God!  Faith is what makes a difference.  Jesus came into the world not to condemn the world, but that anyone that may respond through Him might be saved. 

Posted on November 1, 2014 .