Angel Proclamation of Resurrection

Tim speaks about angels and specifically, the angel that is part of the resurrection story in Matthew 28:1-8 and Mark 16:1-8.  There are things at work around us that are way bigger than us.  Angels have been fighting on behalf of God's Kingdom for thousands of years. Angels also came at Jesus' time of need and ministered to Him.

We are not alone in the way that satan wants us to think we are alone. You are not alone!  There have been many times when God has sent angels to stand on your behalf.  Will you be open to God's amazing comfort that He has made available to you?

Alternate title: Often unseen warriors for God and his followers

Other scripture references:  John 19:38-42Matthew 4:7-11, and Luke 22:39-44.

Additional resources on angels:

Posted on May 27, 2014 .