Mountain View Chapel is a place for men. God has created men to walk as servant leaders. This is a process of learning to embrace God's plan as opposed to the pressure of this world's system. Men are wired a certain way and it is God's design for them to embrace certain perspectives. We want men to be men and godly. This is accomplished through the process of making disciples:

  • Personal/friendship relationships
  • Corporate worship opportunities
  • Service Projects
  • Male Bible study settings
  • Men's Events (see upcoming events tab)
  • Out of Country involvement for leadership, evangelism, & discipleship
  • Living life together
  • Victory 1:27 Outreach to underprivileged children and families

We believe marriage is a holy union, between a man and a woman. We believe marriage to be instituted by God to serve as an earthly example of God's relationship with His Church. See Genesis 2:21-24 & Ephesians 5:25-30

Men's Retreat - 2016


"Real Men, Real Life with God"

On Feb 26-27, men of all ages gathered to discuss God's plan for manhood in our current culture. Men of old were used as examples, such as Abraham, David, Joseph & Daniel. The goal was to create an opportunity for men to dialogue with one another and with God. The Holy Spirit touched so many hearts during this time. Men have similar struggles regardless of age or background. Men from Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, & Georgia attended  and unity was experienced because of a common faith in Jesus.

Men were born to be real, not perfect. Let's keep it rolling!