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ecuador 2014


This video captures the day to day of an amazing missions trip in Ecuador, created by the talented Jonathan Taylor.


Update July 17, 2014 - On Wednesday morning we worked at Tony's house to complete a few more projects.  Kris went with Tony and Jonathan to pay bills, which is quite a process - lot's of walking and waiting in lines.  For lunch, the group drove down the coast and ate seafood on the beach.  It was delicious!  In the afternoon we went to the children's home where we painted and did crafts with the children.  For dinner we had Subway sandwiches.  In the evening we went to a prayer meeting at the church where Tom answered questions about Victory 1:27.

Update July 16, 2014 - On Tuesday morning the group split into two again.  One group went to the church to sand and paint while another group went to Tony's house to finish up painting Carla and Matthew's rooms.  We all met back at the house for lunch.  After lunch we worked on getting Carla and Matthew's rooms put back together.  Also,  we installed a new air conditioner in Tony and Joy's room.  We ate out for dinner at a restaurant that served American style food.  Today, we will start the day at Tony's house to finish up a few more projects and then we will head to a children's home to minister in the afternoon.

Update:  July 15, 2014 - We had a busy couple of days!  On Sunday morning we went to Tony's church for worship service where we first went to Sunday school where everyone shared their testimonies.  During the  worship service, Tom shared about Victory 1:27 and Godly confrontation and the group sang Eres Santo, Prince of Peace.  After church, it was off to Chinese followed by a short "break" during the finals of the World Cup.  We then went to English Worship, which is new here, and completely in English.  Kris led the group in a few songs and Joshua Reichard, Kathryn, and Jack taught from 1 Peter 1.  We then went to the Anzalone's home for pizza and games.

On Monday morning the group split, part going to the church while another group went to the Anzalone's home.  The group at the church began sanding and painting the children's Sunday school rooms.  The group at the home began prepping for Matthew and Carla's rooms to be painted.  After a delicious lunch prepared by Joy and Lexi, everyone began working on getting the rooms painted.  After painting, the group headed to Su Pollo (Your Chicken) where we were fed a delicious meal which included rotisserie chicken.


Ecuador 2014 - Travel Days


Update July 13, 2014:  The team had a busy day yesterday.  After breakfast we went grocery shopping with the Anzalones followed by a delicious lunch at their home.  We planned for the youth event which occurred last night.  During the youth event we led a large group game of anatomy shuffle and two worship songs in Spanish - Prince of Peace and Every Move I Make.  Matthew Beeler gave his testimony and Tony ended the night with a sermon on Zacchaeus. One young lady got saved!  Today we will be heading to church service in the morning and an English worship service in the afternoon.

Update July 12, 2014:  The MVC team is in Ecuador.  We arrived at 10 PM last night and drove to Manta which got us to our hotel at 2 AM.  We are meeting with Tony this morning to discuss our day's plans.  Thanks for everyone's prayers!

Update July 11, 2014: The MVC team is on their way to Ecuador! They were delayed leaving Dulles and when they landed in Miami they ran to their next gate but it was too late, the flight had already left.  American Airlines provided a hotel and meal vouchers so they spent the night in Miami at the Doubletree Hotel close to the airport and will be flying out at 7 PM on July 11th to Guayaquil, Ecuador.